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the New Millennium

People with severe gum disease have a doubled risk for stroke. Bacteria from gum pockets enter the bloodstream, producing an inflammatory response. Therefore, remember to floss and visit us for regular checkups.

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At Madison Dental Centre we pride ourselves with dedication to excellence by providing patients with the following services: Our Operatory:
  • Advanced chairs, touchless control to avoid cross contamination

  • Fibre Optic used to provide high accuracy

  • Oiless high & slow speed machines to avoid any possibility of cross contamination, resulting in a stronger filling connection

  • Computerized offices with intra oral camera allowing for a more accurate diagnosis so the treatment can be more effective

  • X-ray machines - high quality x-rays with minimal radiation exposure
    Madison Dental Centre utilizes the most up-to-date sterilization techniques sterilizing all dental instruments in a Statum Autoclave, which kills all bacteria, and viruses that may be present.

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